The following timeline contains some of the important milestones accomplished in planning a redesigned Fisherman's Wharf.


The Planning Committee retained San Francisco-based EDAW, an internationally respected design firm specializing in revitalizing waterfronts, to initiate a community-based planning effort and to organize a series of community workshops and develop a "vision plan" for the Fisherman's Wharf area.


The FWCBD Board of Directors, asked EDAW to focus on several priority projects and to assess implementation costs related to these projects.

  • Improve the seven-core block area of Jefferson Street spanning west from Pier 39 to Hyde Street/Aquatic Park with wider sidewalks to relieve overcrowding, defined bicycle access, improved paving, accommodation of the Bay Trail and other public amenities.
  • Develop a Parking Management Plan, which provide better access to parking facilities, improves area circulation, resolves or better handles congested and traffic conflicts along the Embarcadero and Jefferson Street, as well as other streets.
  • Completion of zoning review and adoption of new policies to guide future development and uses to preserve the commercial fishing industry and the family friendly environment of Fisherman's Wharf.


Through the collective efforts of the Fisherman's Wharf CBD, EDAW (the planning consultant), Planning Director, Dean Macris, and Supervisor Aaron Peskin, City monies were allocated to allow for further planning of the above mentioned projects and identification of funding sources.


The Planning Committee held community based planning efforts, guided the program of work developed by EDAW and various City agencies and helps facilitate further stakeholder meetings.


At the request of the city, Gehl Architects provided a detailed and visionary report on the current conditions and major opportunities found in Fisherman's Wharf.


World renowned designer Jan Gehl from Copenhagen, Denmark discusses his firm's finding from the study conducted at Fisherman's Wharf at a Public Community Meeting at PIER 39.

May 2009

Community members attend a Public Realm Community Planning Workshop that thoroughly discuss the plans, ideas and research in order to work towards coming to a consensus.

June 2010

The draft of the Fisherman's Wharf Public Realm Plan is completed.


April 2011

The Mitigated Negative Declaration Draft is completed and made public.


August 2012

The Mitigated Negative Declaration is accepeted and finalised.


December 2011

The Fisherman's Wharf CBD hires ROMA Design to assist city planning in completing the final design drawings and plans for Jefferson Street.

January 2012

Two community meetings unveil the draft final design and solicit feedback from community members before completing the design.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously votes to fund the creation of the detailed construction drawings needed to move the project forward.

May 2012

The Fisherman's Wharf CBD holds another Town Hall Community meeting to share the latest design of Jefferson Street and changes made after input received from the January meeting and also take quaestions and answers about the project as it near completion of the design phase and enters the construction phase.  


August 2012

The Fisherman's Whaf CBD facilitates another community meeting to share with the businesses and residents within the district the details regarding the construction with representatives from PG&E and DPW.  

Janaury 2013

Construction to begin on phase one of the project on Jefferson Street between Hyde and Jones Streets.


June 2013

Jefferson Street Phase One was completed on time and an official ribbon cutting was held on June 20th.